Red sessions are strategic sessions geared to those with 10+ years experience. 


The Digital Transformation: Betting on Tomorrow

Presented by Ted Garrard & Greg Hagin

Mobile giving has paved the way for the future of philanthropy in what is now being called the next digital transformation. Betting on tomorrow, the most successful and resilient non-profits will focus on sophisticated giving platforms, dynamic marketing campaigns and a strong social media presence. Join Ted Garrard, CEO of SickKids Foundation and Greg Hagin, Managing Director of CCS Fundraising, for a high-level discussion around survival, relevance and authenticity as non-profits become the digital organizations of the future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Engage in a robust conversation surrounding the digital transformation of today’s philanthropic landscape

  • Explore the latest trends in digital philanthropy

  • Examine best-in-class sector examples and results 


The Six Steps to Precision Philanthropy: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning can Help You

Presented by Michael Johnston & Wes Moon

2020 is being called the year that AI and machine learning transform outcomes for commercial organizations and it’s no different for non-profit foundations and institutions. That’s why this hands-on session can’t be missed. Participants will begin by exploring how AI in the non-profit sector can address a 3,400-year-old question of philanthropy. They’ll also learn how AI technology has shifted approaches in fundraising and explore the economic benefits of taking advantage of this powerful set of technological achievements under the umbrella term ‘artificial intelligence’. Join us for this highly interactive and engaging masterclass facilitated by global technology innovation experts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become well versed in the ethical, social, and moral issues of chatbots, machine learning and artificial intelligence for social impact organizations

  • Understand how machine learning, AI and chatbots work and how to build them as cost affordably as possible – including how to effectively partner with AI services and developers

  • Understand how to choose the right areas of service / stewardship / interaction to apply these powerful tools and how to create pilots that can scaled for incredible impact

  • Discover a Six Step AI Workbook to develop unique road maps for implementing artificial intelligence within your organization


Don't Erode E-Communications

Presented by Janice Moro, CFRE, CHRL, MBA

E-communications have necessary practical value for donor stewardship and fundraising but genuine and authentic communication within the digital age is at risk of being lost. Donors are feeling devalued, loyalty is dropping, and engagement is decreasing when we overly rely on hitting the “send” button and believe that the job is done. This session looks at leading corporate market research and customer service best practices that can be applied to donor communication strategies from Gen Y to Baby Boomers to build stronger donor support and deeper loyalty within a digital age. It outlines the tough but important reality that digital communications can demand more direct service and technical support in order to create the type of human-centered engagement that donors crave – and that donors need – if your organization is going to distinguish itself authentically within an ever increasing digital marketplace.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover leading marketplace communications strategies for donor loyalty in a digital age

  • Understand how to differentiate donor engagement within a digital age

  • Learn different strategies to support stakeholders from different target demographics: Gen Y to Baby Boomers


Valuation Secrets Revealed

Presented by Chris Baylis

In this session you will learn exactly how to value every asset you have to offer and how to find your unique market value. You will also receive a full year of unlimited access to a cloud-based valuation tool, giving you access to your value along with a fulfillment calculator tool.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn  how to build a strong inventory of assets and understand how to determine the value of every one of those assets

  • Know the cost of things like logos on signs, emails, speaking opportunities, samples etc.

  • Understand the difference between tangible and intangible assets

  • Understand a simple technique to value social media assets

  • Know what to charge for those items that seemingly have no independent market value

  • Explore a full walk-through of a new, cloud-based valuation tool that will help you and your organization

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