Yellow sessions are knowledge & skills based geared to those with 5-10 years experience. 


What's Old is New Again 

Presented by Steve Thomas, CFRE & Maytal Kowalski

You know that stuff you learned about direct mail? Well, it works in digital too. A boomer, Steve Thomas, and a millennial, Maytal Kowalski, will tell you how you can use techniques new and old to jump start your fundraising. We’ll cover email, social, text and how these media can be combined with direct mail and print to create dynamic integrated campaigns that will raise lots of money and capture new donors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how direct mail strategies can be applied to digital

  • Learn how innovation in direct mail can inform your digital strategy and vice versa

  • Learn how to fill the gaps in your digital with print and vice versa


Getting to the Heart of the East

Presented by Meredith Ferguson, MISt & Alison Garnett, RGD

What happens when your organization has major aspirations for its brand and a big fundraising goal to accomplish – but without the marketing budget to match? In this session, you’ll learn how Michael Garron Hospital Foundation is tackling two major challenges – the renaming of the hospital in 2015 and $100 million to raise in the years immediately following – through creative and cost-effective brand, marketing and digital strategies. By developing the Heart of the East brand platform, Michael Garron Hospital Foundation has not only overcome the challenges posed by the renaming of the hospital – but is engaging a new audience and rallying Toronto’s most diverse community together to build a new hospital for the east end. In this session, you’ll learn how having a clear, articulated brand framework is the key to making your cause irresistible to your existing donors (and the ones you haven’t met yet), how marketing campaigns can be accomplished on a tight budget, and how putting a few resources in the right (digital) places can pay off in a big way.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover what brand strategy is and how charities can apply it to their fundraising work

  • Learn how brand marketing can amplify acquisition / direct marketing

  • Learn how to maximize your marketing budget by leveraging volunteers and corporate partnerships

  • Understand the basic steps involved in creating a comprehensive digital content strategy


Holograms Will Kill the Major Gifts Star

Presented by Anne-Marie Newton & Jennifer Ashcroft 

Hot take: relying on digital outreach undermines strong relationship building in Major Gifts fundraising. This discussion, presented by two long-time fundraisers in the major gifts and corporate giving fields, will illuminate how to effectively use digital strategies while remaining committed to the personal relationships that donors need and want to be fully engaged with for their charities of choice.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand strategic deployment of digital strategies

  • Learn how to build donor-centric major gifts relationships in a world of electronic communication

  • Discover how to maximize major gifts revenue through face-to-face asks


New Developments in Planned Gift Marketing

Presented by Mikhael Bornstein, MA, CFRE

Never before have planned gift marketers faced such a range of choices: direct mail, newsletters, telemarketing, e-surveys, and drip email programs. In this session we will compare results from real campaigns to help participants better understand the options available to them. Participants will return to their organizations understanding the benefits, costs, and results of each channel and prepared to make strategic marketing decisions that will maximize results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the full range of planned gift marketing options available to you

  • Understand the pros and cons of each marketing option, including how to optimize response rates and costs

  • Learn how to combine marketing options to develop integrated, strategic plans that maximize results


Capture Crowdfunding Energy for your Charity

Presented by Aimée Lindenberger, CFRE

What makes some crowdfunding campaigns so successful? Is this growing trend a threat to traditional charitable giving? How can charities use similar communications tactics to have highly successful digital campaigns? In this session, we’ll explore the factors that have made crowdfunding explode onto the giving scene, and how charities can build that same captivating energy for their organization.

Note: This session focuses on the messaging, not the platform nor technical considerations for setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what makes crowdfunding campaigns successful and how crowdfunding communications strategies appeal to donors' compassion and the science behind it

  • Learn how to use crowdfunding communication tactics to build support for your organization 

  • Gain new ideas for how you can use some of crowdfunding's most successful communication's strategies in the context of your organization's fundraising plans


8 Ways to Click Fun Back into your Online Fundraising

Presented by Cherie Cohen

Does this sound like your organization?

  • Website? Check!

  • Emails? Check!

  • Social Media? Check!

  • Webinars? Maybe.

  • Podcasts? Maybe.

  • Videos? Maybe.

  • SEO? Say what?


For many of your organizations, being nimble is part of your DNA. And yet all of this new digital mumbo-jumbo is not only exhausting to learn, but also ever-changing and enormously time consuming. Yet it doesn’t need to be. Join this session to learn how to take a step back, become more strategic in your approach and overall efforts, ensuring your team, your donors, supporters and prospects all have more fun! Oh, and let’s not forget, increased engagement and donations to your organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the power of all the different digital tools now available to you

  • Feel empowered to know that fun in fundraising is not a bad thing; and is in fact critical for success

  • Understand the strength of effective digital strategies versus the creation of more online noise

  • Learn ways to action a new online fundraising path forward for your organization


Advocacy & Fundraising are Digital BFFs

Presented by Ryann Miller & Natasha Wilson

Transcendence is understanding that activists and donors are the same thing, they just show up differently. Fundraising transcendence is taking that understanding and turning it into a fundraising machine. Doing baller digital advocacy isn’t as easy as it looks, and turning petition-signers into happy donors is much easier to do once you know the main principles. Let Ryann and Natasha show you the stuff they never teach fundraisers, like types of advocacy campaigns that work well for fundraising and lead generation, like the three whys, like how critical engagement is to the fundraising part. Want to convert masses of digital petition signers into donors? Of course you do! Ryann & Natasha have been doing digital advocacy and intersecting it with fundraising for 30 years. In this session, they're bringing the receipts and showing some kick-tushy case studies too.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to use the principles of digital engagement to build a multi-dimensional relationship with your activist-donors

  • Know when to move beyond just petitions to other digital tactics and offline tactics for greater conversion

  • OTGs or monthly conversions? When? How? You'll learn proven channel mixes for ideal fundraising conversion


Blasting Donor Minds through Digital Stewardship

Presented by Rickesh Lakhani, CFRE, MBA

“No way! I can’t believe how awesome I feel right now about giving.” That is what a donor is thinking when you have blasted their mind. When you show them that they matter to your cause and that their contribution has had a real impact in a very personal way, you bring them closer to you and your work. But we know that this isn’t always easy. You have many donors, multiple priorities and sometimes limited resources. That is why digital stewardship is so important! Digital doesn’t have to mean impersonal. You have many tools to greatly enhance the donor experience through customized, meaningful and powerful communications. In fact, the power of digital will help you create a better experience for more donors than you ever thought possible. Together, we’ll explore concepts, tools, tips, ideas and platforms that you can use right away to start blasting donor minds! KABOOM!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how digital stewardship can greatly enhance your donor experience and how to integrate it into your fundraising plans

  • Explore the power of personalizing and customizing communications for a large audience using technology in new and innovative ways

  • Gain specific digital tips and tools you can use right away to start blasting your donors' minds

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